2GB of ram on the app instance to handle a couple people's worth of puma and sidekiq*

*as long as you reboot them both every couple hours

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@clint all that resources to handle just Jaqui and You ? .... seems too much for two people

@rafaga Well, there's 5 people on here, but correct not a ton of people.

Memory pressure is one thing, but I wouldn't expect to see it significantly go anywhere with more users. But I am also a lil noob mastodon admin baby, so I don't know much confidently yet!

Cores are barely doing anything. I would guess this could handle at least 50-100 users but I'm also not keen on inviting over a bunch of randos to find out ;)

@rafaga Another thing is that @ejacqui has ~800 followers here already which I imagine is not common, but also not astronomical.

Still learning against what axes the site scales on, I imagine its the size of the social network more than the number of users really.

@clint @aki I distinctly remember being told that Ruby was the best most efficient thing ever and that everyone should use it always

@clint I get the impression that the web app and task workers could be rewritten in Rust or Go or something more memory and CPU efficient and the improvement would be quite noticeable.

@clint I've also been keeping my eye on, which seems like a lighter-weight implementation. But it's still Python.

@ian Yeah I'm mostly just impressed that a handful of ruby processes are doing fine with 2GiB of memory 😬

@ian It would help a lot, I know I'm being a snob by running this on AWS but right now that one 2gib ec2 instance will end up costing about $350/yr which is a little bonkers.

That being said my second largest cost is that I'm running an RDS on a t3.micro but its pricey. I could probably run that cheaper on my own, but that doesn't seem fun.

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