He's the richest man only because Telsa is a memestock.

Once people realize Tesla's value is high for the same basic reason FTX's was*, it'll normalize down to something a lot smaller.

* people put money in, and number go up; and because number go up, more people put more money in. All while paying lots of attention to the brand and the memes but without paying much attention to the fundamentals of the business

I just wrote an article to help Mastodon Admins to scale up their servers while so many people are still migrating from Twitter. 🌍️ It explains how to setup an S3 storage solution with any Mastodon Instance running on Digital Ocean Droplets. 💾 Please share with other admins.


#mastodon #fediverse #mastodonadmins #serveradmins

This is very cool to see:

The leaked and cracked versions of Cobalt Strike are not the latest versions from Fortra, but are typically at least one release version behind. We focused on these versions by crafting hundreds of unique signatures that we integrated as a collection of community signatures available in VirusTotal.

By targeting only the non-current versions of the components, we can leave the most recent versions alone, the version that paying customers are using.


@fraying Cool! This would unfortunately get me in big trouble in Colorado 😭

This is super cool but I am most interested in seeing a cost per user per day breakdown of something like this.

Up front it seems little pricey, but if you can handle 6,000+ users 🤔


Next time you find yourself wondering "I wonder what a good website is like?", just go here applerankings.com/

Counting down the days before I fork mastodon and fix the trending posts/links jankyness

Luckily nothing horrible happened, but it was quite shocking! I was in like minute 50 of an hour run so I just gave up 😆

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good morning the power breaker my treadmill was plugged into flipped while i was running at 9mph this morning! 😅😂

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A wonderful little server for cool people.