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i saw a thread on r/mastodon wondering if you could determine whether or not any given random instance admin hadn’t modified their instances code to extract passwords in plain text. the answer is “no” and you should never re-use passwords but i wonder how easily mastodon could be modified to allow for crypto/key based authentication so no passwords are even required

Another mass shooting at a LGBT+/Gay nightclub but this time in Colorado. 18 wounded, 5 killed.

Unless there is immediate condemnations from US politicians and civil leaders; Homophobia and Transphobia will rapidly worsen. #LGBTQPeopleUnderAtttack #LGBT+ #Gay #Trans #Colorado #USA #Mastodon #Fediverse

I don't really endorse or support the concept of "Black Friday," but if you did already have your eye on something pricey, it seems like most retailers have started sending out private sale links and other deals starting this weekend.

To all mastodon admins:

Hi! I’m Evan Phoenix, the primary author of puma, the ruby webserver that powers mastodon!

Please reply or DM me if you need tuning help! I’ve got no officiation with the mastodon, just want to see you succeed!

(Quick Tip: set WEB_CONCURRENCY to core count * 1.5 and then tune MAX_THREADS. High thread values will see diminishing returns!)

This “Dumb Ways To Die” thread of very real circumstances under which Twitter is likely to fail in potentially irreparable fashion now that the staff has been stripped to skeleton is a must read. 🫡


is it just me or does it look like there’s three rats inside his head fighting to claw their way out??

BREAKING: How should parents talk to their children about the Mastodon network? We asked some online safety experts, click here for more.

This Twitter fiasco is a reminder of who is *actually* critical to the survival of our economy & society.

Twitter worked before the billionaire got here. Now that workers are gone, Twitter is collapsing. Workers made Twitter work—a billionaire broke it.

Workers > Billionaires

Congress is, yet again, looking to sneak through a very dangerous bill that will do tremendous damage to the internet. All in the name of "children's safety."

Is there a weather Mastodon? I am obsessed with weather and will miss the immediacy of being able to check stuff on Twitter. What are you guys suggest? By the way, the two other channels on cable are truly a joke. One of them was founded by being capital and the other one is owned by Byron Allen and they have absolutely no interest in ever knowledge in climate change. it’s weird. #Weather #Storm #Thunderstorm #Noreaster #hurricane #wildfire #flood #mudslide

DEFEDERATION WATCH: has defederated from смерть.онлайн, jorts admin reports that this is due to "dipshit infestation"

Github should let you pay $8 to verify any commit you want

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