Each night or so, I get a little personalized Mastodon server update from @clint. It is definitely not cheap to run a small instance of ~5 people.

I've created a small, incomplete, list of instances with moderators of color.

The list and suggestions became to much to keep up on my own, so here is a Google document, docs.google.com/document/d/12p

Here's how to move accounts and take your followers with you docs.joinmastodon.org/user/mov

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #BlackFedi #FediTips #TwitterMigration #MastoAdmin

So often adopting anti-Blackness is a way for immigrants to assimilate, become white, and therefore become "American."

Which is absolutely gross. But to single Jews out as uniquely anti-Black simply does not comport with reality

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White interest groups who have convinced a number of Asian immigrants and Asian Americans that it's in their interest to adopt anti-Blackness as a way of getting ahead in America.

This also happens with the Irish who come to dominate police forces.

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If you're feeling lonely this holiday, just toot "if you can't push to prod on thanksgiving you're not a real devops" and a whole community of people will keep you company.

I'm sure others have said this, but: Mastodon doesn't have to be, and isn't, ready to replace all of Twitter today. It definitely seems ready to get interesting conversations going here today. The people who bail today because following is hard or instances are confusing may come back for another try, later, once the conversations here start to grow. The early spark is what matters! #mastodon #migration

Already getting orders canceled for holiday gifts, even before Thanksgiving.

During dinner tonight, @clint & I concluded that John Cage is a “musical edgelord” and no description has felt more accurate in my entire life.

Mastodon really is accelerating. Look, we’re already at “honkie mods using their power to silence people not sufficiently honkie”:


Today is #TransDayOfRemembrance, where we remember all the trans people we've lost to violence and oppression - in particular Black trans women and trans women of colour. It's a solemn occasion and an opportunity to mourn the dead - but also, to remind ourselves to fight like hell for the living.

Knowing what a clusterfuck COVID has been on the supply chain & shipping times during the holiday season in the past, and the fact that we still haven't recovered from it (I had like half my gift orders last year get "canceled" at the last minute), I personally recommend getting gifts sooner than later.

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I don't really endorse or support the concept of "Black Friday," but if you did already have your eye on something pricey, it seems like most retailers have started sending out private sale links and other deals starting this weekend.

Sending a huge heartfelt #mastodon welcome to @ejacqui!

You may remember when she destroyed an iPod nano by running over it with a car for the sake of durability tests in an @arstechnica review. She’s gone on to do countless awesome things since (wirecutter, WQXR, etc.) but the noise that review made back in 2005 is still astounding.

I’ve known Jacqui since college, which makes us both ancient in this wild world of tech. Ask us what we’ve seen, if you dare. 😱

This Twitter fiasco is a reminder of who is *actually* critical to the survival of our economy & society.

Twitter worked before the billionaire got here. Now that workers are gone, Twitter is collapsing. Workers made Twitter work—a billionaire broke it.

Workers > Billionaires

getting real strong “I love y’all” vibes right now.

Musk-Twitter has been such a visceral experience of why there should be no billionaires. It should take more than one mediocre egotist’s midlife crisis to ruin a collective creation of 16 years.

Lots of folks are properly aghast at MuskTwitter as an example of deranged toxic management, but I don’t see a lot of talk about how he’s basically creating an H1B exploitation engine, since that’s who will knuckle under the unreasonable work demands (and some amoral toadies, but who cares about them).

Not the biggest shock to see a South African mining heiress default to abusive work requirements, but it does have real consequences for genuinely vulnerable people and that’s sobering.

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